My name is Angelique|

I’m a Toronto-based graphic designer and illustrator.

I believe good design needs big ideas, big ideas need creativity, and creativity is part of the human experience.

It all started when 
my mom met my dad. 
Fast forward a few decades, and now I’m here.

I’m Angelique Flores, a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Toronto, Canada. My design journey began at Sheridan College’s Interior Design program. My studies in Interior Design not only opened the floodgates to the world of design, but it also fostered my love for conceptual design approaches. This love has only grown since beginning my Graphic Design studies at George Brown College, where I major in Communications Design.

In my spare time, you’ll find me crocheting, drawing, singing showtunes or learning something new {because who am I if I’m not a jack of all trades, master of none}.

If you think I’d make a good fit for your project or team, reach out to me through: