My name is Angelique|

I’m a Toronto-based graphic designer and illustrator.

I believe good design needs big ideas, big ideas need creativity, and creativity is part of the human experience.

Crochet Projects  

Doodles, Illustrations & More

An ad campaign for Sharpie, meant to foster creativity within the GTA Area.  
An theoretical ad campaign for Rogaine,
made in response to a lecture about breaking gender roles. Digital Painting. 
A book cover that was made from entirely randomly generated prompts. The title, quote, and imagery were pulled from a random word and image generators. Believe it or not, the original photo was of a chair with oranges on it. 
A movie poster for Parasite (2019) by Bong Joon Ho, made entirely from the letterforms from a single typeface. 
A skateboard deck illustration made for 5024 General Store in Lacombe, Alberta. This board is currently on sale on the 5024 website. {Thanks Karli and Spencer!} 

The Idea Graveyard (1997 - ???)

Here lies the ideas that have died in the design process, waiting to be dug up once again.